Insurance and Rates

Insurance overview

Although I am not in-network with any private insurances at this time, there are a few places where I am contracted to provide therapy and counseling services:

  • Through Dartmouth College’s ComPsych Employee Assistance Program.  If you work at the college, you likely have access to the EAP.  This program generally covers eight sessions at no cost to you.
  • At Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, I am a “preferred provider” for employees and their dependents.  This means that although I remain technically out-of-network for the employee insurance, my clients can get reimbursed for my services at the in-network level of coverage.  (These claims can be submitted here)

Beyond these exceptions, I am considered out-of-network for insurances.  Keep in mind, insurance companies often have reasonable out-of-network benefits (such as Dartmouth’s mental health exception through Cigna).  Furthermore, many insurances will often grant exceptions or additional benefits to people who are unable to find available in-network providers through a reasonable amount of effort.  I would encourage you to review your benefits and advocate for coverage before dismissing the possibility of utilizing out-of-network services.

When asking your insurance provider about benefits for therapy services, you’ll want to ask specifically about your outpatient mental health benefit.  They can walk you through what your coverage is; whether you have a deductible, co-pay, or other restrictions and conditions.  These benefits tend to vary depending on whether the provider is in-network or out-of-network, so be sure to clarify that with them as well.

Private-pay rates

For the initial 60-minute assessment session (or other sessions lasting an hour), I charge $140 for individuals and $180 for couples and families.  Subsequent standard 45-minute treatment sessions are $110 for individuals and $140 for couples and families.  For extended “double” treatment sessions lasting an hour and a half, my rates are $220/$280 for individuals and families, respectively.


Cash or check is preferred, although I accept all major credit cards and Paypal as well.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations and missed sessions happen.  I appreciate that sometimes life gets in the way of best-laid plans.  Insurances will generally not cover or reimburse costs related to missed sessions.  In the interest of being as non-punitive as possible, while also respecting the opportunity cost of missed sessions, I ask that clients pay a fee of $50 for any sessions missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, regardless of circumstance.  Furthermore, I offer one “freebie” missed session for all clients where I ask no fee.